Focusing on the things that we have no control over will make us lose sight of those that do.


We try to fulfill our responsibilities, be they work, university, school, etc., we do what we can to look good and that everything goes “as we have planned”. We feel stress and frustration when things do not go our way and maybe we think we did something wrong or did not try hard enough.

The reality is that most things are not under our control and will never be. Many times you just have to trust that things will be good and that our plans follow the course we have planned for them. Allowing ourselves to let our surroundings do its part can give us the peace and momentum we need to fulfill the things that we are in control of. The world flowed its way before we were here and it will continue to flow when we are not. After we do everything in our power to get what we want, letting things that we do not control do their part, can give us the peace of mind we need.



Procrastinate is really easy to do

You don't have to be right

Live in the present